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At Accounting Kiwi, we can assist you with property tax calculations promptly and efficiently. Our services are available in Rayleigh and the surrounding areas. Contact us for more details.
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Property Tax - First Hand Experience

A number of the team at Accounting Kiwi are let property landlords, so we have a personal interest in this area of tax, and hands-on experience. This is one of our specialist areas. 

Tax law is changing fast where property matters are concerned. Whether it’s higher rate restrictions on let property mortgage interest, or changes to the claims for repairs, we have it covered. 

Many people don’t realise that you must register for a tax return as soon as you begin receiving rental income. HMRC are improving their ability to detect property which is rented out or kept as a second home. They compare records held across many Government agencies, Council tax and voter registers, and review all property purchases and sales. It is therefore important to ensure that you declare your ownership and income from property. 

Our Property Tax Service can help you with:
We can also help you understand the business and tax implications around various investment and pension strategies, but we are not an IFA so cannot recommend or advise. However, we do know a number of reputable IFA firms who can.

We can also point you towards excellent estate agents and lettings agents should you be unhappy with your current one.

Have you forgotten to tell HMRC about your rental property?
Let property campaign

HMRC operate a process called the Let Property Campaign which allows landlords to declare and pay tax on rents received but not previously declared. Often there will be a number of tax years to consider from the date the property was let. This will entail rental accounts and tax return calculations to determine the amounts of tax due. The results are then passed to HMRC through the let property campaign process and by submitting tax returns online. There may also be capital gains tax to consider if the property has been sold.

This can become a complex matter and there are a number of ways to minimise the amounts of tax payable. 

At Accounting Kiwi we are asked to deal with these situations on a regular basis so we’re in a strong position to get you the best deal with HMRC.

We can help you with:
  • Registering for tax
  • Income tax calculations
  • Capital gains tax
  • HMRC tax enquiries
  • Dealing with HMRC
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