Ownership Structures

Why is Business Ownership Structure so Important?

Accounting Kiwi offers top-notch accounting services throughout Rayleigh for all types of companies with various ownership structures.
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Business Ownership Structures

The business structure you use to trade under could seriously affect the amount of tax you pay. It could also have a significant effect on the risks you and your family are exposed to and the ease with which you can pass the business on to someone else.

At Accounting Kiwi, we understand the effects of each type of trading structure on risk, tax exposure, ease of transfer, and can guide you through these to choose the right option for you.

Although nothing is irreversible, there may be costs to changing a business structure later. So starting with the end in mind is always our motto. That’s why we take the time to understand your aims and objectives, your personal and business relationships, and any specific requirements before advising on an appropriate business structure.

Having agreed the structure we can complete a company incorporation, the tax registrations, and help you with any other structural requirements such as opening company bank accounts.

We offer advice and first-rate tax and accounting services for the following types of structure:
We don’t specifically advise on trusts but have a professional colleague who does. 
Once you have your business structure in place let us help with bookkeeping and tax compliance services. Find out more about our accounting services here.

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