HMRC Enquiries & Tax Investigations

Tax enquiries and investigations

Do you require help dealing with HMRC for tax enquiries or investigations? You can rely on Accounting Kiwi in Rayleigh for assistance.
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Getting help with your tax affairs

If you have been contacted by HMRC about your tax affairs and are unsure what to do next, we can help. We’ve assisted many people through tax inspections and investigations, often with very good outcomes.

For more information about our services, speak to our staff today. Our services are available across Rayleigh and Essex.

HMRC Investigations

Investigations, inspections, enquiries. They all mean the same thing – HMRC will be looking into your tax and business affairs.

These can be a random occurrence, but HMRC also have a planned regime of targeted inspections. Their systems also select taxpayers through a process called benchmarking. Either way, you can minimise the chances of an inspection by knowing the triggers.

Every set of accounts we submit to the "Taxman" goes through our anti-investigation scanning check to identify areas that could lead to enquiry.
HMRC Investigations
Tax Investigation Insurance

Tax Investigation Insurance

Every client at Accounting Kiwi is covered by our tax investigation insurance policy. In the event of a tax investigation our fees and those of other professionals are paid for by our insurers so that you don’t have to worry. 

Exclusions apply. For more information about this product please speak to us.

Tax Penalties

HMRC can impose a number of penalties and interest for undeclared income. In addition to paying tax, you can find them collecting penalties up to an amount equal to the tax. This effectively doubles your bill.

Paying interest on the late payment of the tax can be unpleasant and Accounting Kiwi will help you minimise this.
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For assistance with tax enquiries and tax investigations, get in touch with Accounting Kiwi in Rayleigh, Essex.
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