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Bookkeeping and VAT services

Keep your business running smoothly with bookkeeping services from Accounting Kiwi. We are based in Rayleigh and also throughout the Essex area.
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Save time and tax!

Most people think this is the boring bit, you might too. However, we love it! And good bookkeeping may not only save you tax, it also provides the information we both need for us to talk to you about the important things like working out income should you want to borrow money, or estimating your tax bills months ahead.
In fact, good bookkeeping is the basis of all of the information required for decision making.

We suggest that clients maintain some form of bookkeeping system for recording business income and expenses. For companies it is essential to keep company money separate from the director/owner's money to avoid HMRC trying to tax income at higher rates. 

We know that your time is precious, and that you’re much better at running your business than doing the bookwork. That’s why we created "Your Bookkeeping Service".

If you’d rather concentrate on running your business we can provide a bookkeeping service the takes away the hassle, calculates VAT, and keeps your records tidy and up to date.

At Accounting Kiwi we use and recommend Kashflow and Sage online bookkeeping systems. We also support the other main bookkeeping providers including Xero and users of spreadsheet systems. So we are well placed to help you keep your business records tidy and accurate, and ensure you pay the lowest amount of tax.

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Your bookkeeping service

We will work with you to tailor a system to your requirements. Everything you need from a Bookkeeping service is included:
  • Online bookkeeping system
  • Our team or yours to do the work
  • FREE help and support
  • Eliminate duplication of work and save you time
  • VAT returns as and when required
  • CIS monthly tax returns for contractors and subcontractors
  • Credit control for improving cashflow
  • Profit and loss reports on demand
  • Income tax calculation
  • Management information for decision making
In addition to our bookkeeping services, you can also approach us for payroll processing.

Your bookkeeping service
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