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Business development

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Making your business the best it can be…so You can Reap the Rewards!

Imagine taking a holiday without knowing exactly where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, or how much it will cost! Obviously this never happens because you plan everything in advance. The same principle applies to the rest of life and to your business. And because your business is an integral part of your life it makes sense to incorporate it into your Life Plan.

To make the most of your business, and to achieve your goals, it seems sensible to apply the “going on holiday” principle. 

Our Life Plan service does just that. It will
  •  Give you the information and tools to make a plan and begin achieving your goals 
  • Help you answer the following questions in the way that is right for you
    • Do I have my goals written down? 
    • What do I want to achieve in my life?
    • How does my business fit in to this?
    • What’s my business worth?
    • Will I have enough to retire or stop working?
    • How do I provide for my loved ones if something happens to me?
If you would like to explore these areas and unlock the value in your business then get in touch with us. 

Formalise your ideas into a plan

Accounting Kiwi are members of the ICEAW Business Advisory panel. We will help you formalise your ideas into a cohesive plan and, because nothing remains static, show you how to monitor and adjust it as and when required. 

We can help you with
  • A life Plan
  • Business plans
  • Business valuation
  • Virtual finance director
  • Research & development
  • Business structures
  • Business systems
Accounting Kiwi can also assist you with compliance for your company.
Accounting Kiwi offers business development services throughout Rayleigh, Essex and the surrounding areas.
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